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To join the International Playing-Card Society, please fill out the form below or contact the Area Representative for your country - see the Area Representatives page .

Subscriptions can be paid direct by PayPal using the forms on this web site or direct to the treasurer.

Existing members wishing to renew their subscriptions by PayPal can so by going direct to the Pay Subscription page.

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The Council of Management of IPCS would like the Society to cater for the interests of its members. Please therefore use the space below to describe your interest in playing-cards (for example historical research, collecting, games played with cards) and what languages other than your own you can read or write.

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Please note: unless you specify otherwise, the information you provide on this form may be stored on a computer and in the event of your joining the IPCS will appear in the Membership List sent to IPCS members. If you object to the information you have provided being used in this way, please check this box

Digital Membership requires that your information is held in the Members' Database online (your address and phone number can be hidden and your interests left blank - so the only information visible is your name and email address). The Members' Area is used to control access to digital copies and only registered members can download a digital copy.

The IPCS provides an online list of current members. This list is accessible only to other members (protected by password). If you do NOT wish the information you have provided to be included in this online membership list, please check this box

Members' addresses may be passed to a third party for specific "one off" use when the Council believes it be for the member's benefit. For example members might receive a complimentary copy of a playing-card auction catalogue or notification of a new playing-card related publication from a private publisher. Please tick this box if you do not want to receive any additional mailings of this type.

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The IPCS subscription year runs from 1st July to 30th June. You will receive any copies of The Playing Card that have already been published in the current membership year. If you wish your membership to take effect only in the next year, please contact the secretary directly.

The membership cost depends on whether you wish to receive printed copies of IPCS publications or dowload digital copies or both. If you receive printed publications by post the subscription rate also depends on where you live.

The current IPCS rates per year in UK pounds Sterling are:

printed publications only to a UK address£30.00
printed + digital publications to a UK address£35.00
printed publications only to a European non-UK address£39.00
printed + digital publications to a European non-UK address£44.00
printed publications only by Airmail to a non-European address£44.00
printed publications by Airmail + digital publications to a non-European address£49.00
digital publications only£12.00

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