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The Journal

See also the consolidated alphabetical index of articles

Vol. I (1972 - 73) (reprinted 1978 - 80)

1. Lenthall's Broadsheet; Rimington-Wilson sale 1971; Glanz's "Military Tarot" - available online

2. Fortune-telling cards (I); Classification & Terminology; The Rosenwald tarots; French suited Austrian pattern; Lenthall I (Heraldry); Mamluk playing cards.

3. Boiardo's Tarocchi; Lenthall II ("Winstanley"); Icelandic chess cards; Fortune-telling cards (II); Terminology; Spanish National pattern

4. Rowley's cards; History of Piatnik; Fortune-telling cards (III); Lenthall III ("Armada"); Terminology; Seasons pattern (I)

Vol. II (1973 - 74) (issues 1 and 2 reprinted 1976 - 77)

1. Kimberley's cards; Lenthall IV (Map/"Morden"); Hungarian card-makers; Cicognara; Classification & Terminology; Seasons pattern (II)

2. Indian cards (I); Mamluk cards (review); Lenthall V (Astronomical); The Knave (I)

3. The Order of Tarot Trumps (I); Lenthal VII (Mathematical Cards); The Spielkarten Museum, Altenburg; The Knave (II); Memory Cards; The PLaying Cards of India (II); Reviews: Reprint of Horr and Jessel bibliographies, The Dragons of Portugal, The Playing Card (Hoffmann)

4. The Cary Collection; Tarot Cards - Market Analysis; Lenthall VI (Geographical Cards); The English Pattern; The Paris Pattern in Exile; The order of Tarot Trumps (II)

Vol. III (1974 - 75)

1. The Moxon Family; Exhibition in Vienna; The Paris Pattern Progeny; The Sopron / Oedenberg Pattern; Sicilian Tarocchi; Latin suit-system

2. The Playing-Cards of Iceland (I); The Spanish Captain; Playing-Cards and Money; The Playing-Cards of Vital Berthin; Standard Pattern F200 (XP8); Card Games: Their Rules and History; The Royal Masonic Playing-Cards; Lenthall VIII (Geometrical Cards); Thoughts on the Albertina Exhibition

3. The Prussian Pattern; Jass; Suit-Signs of Indian Playing-Cards; The Playing-Cards of Iceland (II); Review: Ettinghausen - Further Comments on Mamluk Playing-Cards

4. When the Fighting Stopped; Printing Methods in Playing-Card Manufacture; Two Tarot Studies Related (I); The Playing-Cards of Iceland (III); Hachi-Hachi; 18th and 19th Century Cardmakers in Hungary; Lenthall IX (Cosmographical Cards)

Vol. IV (1975 - 76)

1. The History of Playing-Cards in Belgium (I); In Search of Cards; The Playing-Cards of Iceland (IV); Cego; Two Tarot Studies Related (II); The Neapolitan Pattern

2. The 1975 IPCS Convention at Leinfelden; Deutsches Spielkarten Museum Leinfelden; The History of Playing-Cards in Belgium (II); The Visconti-Sforza Cards in the Cary Collection; Correspondence: Palermo fresco correction; Makers of Playing-Cards in the Netherlands; Pattern Numbers

3. German suited hunting cards and single-figure cards of the Prussian pattern; At Barbara and the Tower; Notes on the Germanisches Museum, Nuremberg; Lenthall X (Cookery and Pastry); Book reviews (Beal: Playing Cards and their Story; Cavendish: The Tarot); The History of Playing-Cards in Belgium (III); The Spanish origins of the modern Sarde pack; The Numismatica Sale; Another Sale of a Different Era.

4. The Fool in the Tarot; Ulti; Style and the Spanish Pattern; The Design of the Standard Playing-Card; Lenthall XI (Carving Cards); Naipes Españoles (review)

Vol. V (1976 - 77)

1. The exhibition in Amsterdam; Lenthall XII (British); A Roman Pattern?; Book Review (François: Histoire de la Carte à); Jouer; Style and the Spanish Pattern; Tibetan and Mongol Playing-Cards; In Tudor Times.

2. Annual General Meeting, Oxford; History of the Deutsches Spielkarten Museum; Lenthall XIII (Historiographical); Romania today; A further note on Thomas Tuttell; More about Cicognara; Standard patterns: Prager Doppel Deutsche

3. Classification by Numbers; Spanish Court Cards; Note on the second Viennese Playing-Card Auction; Sioux Indian Playing-Cards; Jeux publicitaires des Editions J.C. Dusserre; Rosenfeld: Zur Geschichte der Spielkarten (review); Boris Mandrovsky (obituary); Lenthall XIV (Grammatical) (I)

4. Bertarelli Collection; Kongresskarte; Reversis; Lenthall XIV (Grammatical) (II); Hofämterspiel; Translucent cards; Turnhout Playing cards (reviews)

Vol. VI (1977 - 78)

1. Trappola; Redating the Lenthall Broadside; Lenthall XV (Arithmetical); Aurelia Games Index (review)

2. Reconstructed English Courts of c.1605; Lenthall XVI (Proverb); Reformbestrebung Spielkartenmacher nach 1871 (I); Cartes à Jouer et Caricatures Politiques

3. The Naksha game of Bishnupur; German Tax Stamps after 1878; L'Aluette ou le Jeu de la Vache (Borvo) (review); Das Kartenspiel des Oberdeutscher Stechers (review); Reformbetrebung Spielkartenmacher nach 1871 (II); Lenthall XVIII (Delightful); Classification Committee progress report

4. Lombardy Tax-stamps; Jos Amman's Influence (I); Tressette rules; Chartæ Lusoriæ Juridicæ (Murner's cards - in German)

Vol. VII (1978 - 79)

1. The Influence of Amman on Card Design; Lenthall XVIII (Fortune Telling); Nouveaux Jeux Publicitaires et à Vocation Publicitaire des Editions J.C.Dusserre; Chaucer and Playing-Cards; Shakespearian Playing-Cards; The Encyclopedia of Tarot (Kaplan) (review)

2. Classification of Spanish Playing-Cards; Schafkopf rules; Lenthall XIX (Frost Fair); Revisionary Note (Indian Cards); A Political Pack of 1902-5; An Exhibition and Meeting in Vught, Holland; Comments on "German Tax Stamps after 1878"; A Handful of History (book review)

3. The 1978 Convention in Zürich; Playing-Card Manufacture in the Schaffhausen Area; Introduction of Playing-Cards into Spanish America; A Present from Douglas (Isle of Man); History of Playing-Cards - an anniversary; Lenthall XX (Instructive); Correspondence - Playing Cards Improved; Die Spanische Herkunft der Spielkarte (review)

4. In Search of Standard Patterns; Legal Tender; The Encyclopedia of Tarot (Kaplan) (review); Tarot Cards (Wowk) (review); Collecting English Playing-Cards (review); Lenthall XXI (Royal); Correspondence - Edward IV

Vol. VIII (1979 - 80)

1. Saxon patterns; Cartiers en Suisse romande; Lenthall XXII (Forest)

2. Naqsh & Ganjifa cards; The Paris pattern Progeny (XP patterns) (I); Lenthall XXIII (Pastime); Earliest English reference

3. The Paris pattern Progeny (II); Modern Chinese card-games; The Ace in early German-suited packs; History of A.S.S.; Lenthall XXIV (Love)

4. The Society's aims; Oberrhein and Switzerland in the development in playing-cards; Playing-cards in Denmark; Viterbesi pattern.

The Playing-Card

See also the consolidated alphabetical index of articles

Vol. IX (1980 - 81)

1. Early Boston makers - Whitney, Crehore & Foord; Early tarots - Copies etc.; German tax-stamps; Viterbesi pattern

2. Castello Sforzesco early cards (I); Photographing cards; The Knavery of the Rump

3. Chess and playing-cards; Ganjifeh and Cards in Iran; Castello Sforzesco early cards (II)

4. Turnhout's "Cartes Françaises"; Early 19th cent. Milanese cards; Les Cartes à Jouer (used for labels); Photography of engraved and woodcut cards; Kaiserjass (review); Knavery of the Rump and Castello Sforzesco cards (letters)

Vol. X (1981 - 82)

1. Jean/Jonas Fouquet; Jobs-Hieronymus-Spielkarte; Sylvia Mann's "discontinuity thesis" challenged; Classification of "dragon-ace" cards

2. Modern Japanese wrappers; Collection (a new Tarot game); Defence of discontinuity

3. Magic cards; Early history of Tarot cards-(printed under a wrong title); Lenthall XII (British) - a new find; Taxation on Tuscan cards, 17th century to Unification

4 Piedmontese Tarocchi - a Bologna & Belgium link (J.Mcleod); L'histoire des toutes premières cartes en France; Austrian tax-stamps; Early Persian playing-card images; Hyakunin-isshu and Unsun; Hungarian miniature cards

Vol. XI (1982 - 83)

1. Viterbesi pattern; 16th century Tarot cards; English standard pattern; Tarot Iconography; Carta Mundi family tree; Hohenzollern-Karte; Origin and evolution of cards

2. American Political playing-cards; Lenthall I (Heraldry) - re-identified; Woodcuts for Erhard Schoen's pack; Reviews of six publications by Rudolf von Leyden

3. Lithography Terminology, language problems; Cards of south-east Asia (Chinese suited etc.); Kimberley and miniature playing-cards (a letter)

4. Kvitlah - a Jewish card-game; Kaiser-Spiel in Switzerland; Silver playing-cards in Brussels; Lithography terminology; Early Dragon Cards

Vol. XII (1983 - 84)

1&2. Combined 64 pp Issue. Playing-card artists; De Poli? (Paris pattern courts' names); Black Peter & other children's card games; Unsun & Ombre; Das Tarockspiel in der Schweiz; Fragments of 16th century German cards re-united

3. Japanese literature on Unsun; Card tax in the Netherlands; Cary catalogue, De Speelkaart, and Bube, Dame, König (reviews)

4. Brussels Cardmakers; Gambling in the Netherlands; Les Débuts et le Développement du Tarot en France (XVIe - XVIIe siècles)

Vol. XIII (1984 - 85)

1. The History of the Paris pattern; Turnhout card-making techniques

2. Worshipful Company cards; Preußischen Bild; "Dragon" cards found in Antwerp; Italian card-makers' backs; Thomas de la Rue - February 1865

3. XP Patterns and Turnhoutse Speelkaarten; Le Jeu de Cartes (old rules); British cards since 1880; Die Jagdsemmelkarten

4. Russian playing cards up to 1917; De Poli unmasked; Double-figure French patterns

Vol. XIV (1985 - 86)

1. Viéville's & de Hautot's Tarots; Hot Chocolate and Spanish cards; Three Altenburg playing-card designers; Silver playing-cards; Tarock mit Französischen Farben

2. Hunting cards; A 15th century Hunting pack (1); De Poli unmasked further ; Kartenspiel mit Eselkopf-Maskerade und Phantasie-Farben (c1540); Gerhard Gossmann

3. "Padovano" playing cards; A 15th century Hunting pack (II); A Spanish translucent pack; The first American cards?; Navagraha (Nine Planets) Ganjifa cards

4. Echigobana poems; Moxon's Geographical cards; Camden playing-cards, Matchbox cards of Spain; Les Sujets des figures d'Atout du Tarot de Visconti-Sforza (I)

Vol. XV (1986 - 87)

1. Mantegna "Tarot"; A rare Steamship deck; Les Sujets des figures d'Atout du Tarot de Visconti-Sforza (II); The oldest Leipzig playing-cards; A Kurofuda card game

2. Italian cards (Pratesi I); 18th century Japanese card makers; The Anchor sign on German cards; South American Amerindian cards; Collectionner les cartes à jouer

3. Schweizer Souvenirspiel von C.L.Wüst; Italian cards (Pratesi II); Spanish cards found in 1574; Lakeland playing-cards; Tarot Symbolism - Book review and discussion

4. L'hombre (I); "Moorish " sheet of playing cards; Italian cards (Pratesi III)

Vol. XVI (1987 - 88)

1 16th cent. Antwerp makers; L'hombre (II), De la Rue 1832 - 1952; Italian cards (Pratesi IV)

2. The Goldschmidt "Sun"; A.D.Willis - New Zealand card-maker; L'hombre (III); Japan-Australia link; Mumliswil card-makers; Italian cards - comments

3. "Infirrera" cards; Jass playing in Switzerland; Italian cards (Pratesi V); The Guildhall "Sun"; Distribution of Mekuri cards; Names of French court cards

4. Cheating in Japan; Basler Fasnachtskarten; 16th century Seville card-backs; Juan Maldonado; Paraphernalia

Vol. XVII (1988 - 89)

1. Les cartes de Pieter Mefferdt; Bohemian Bulka - Trappola link; Italian cards (Pratesi VI)

2. Black Peter Again - But Different ; Hungarian Playing-card stamps 1850 - 1950; Tarots featuring animal designs; The Lance and the Fountain: some variant forms of the world; Italian Cards - new discoveries (Pratesi VII); A Card Game on Silver Plates

3. The Steele Manuscript; Ronciglione: Playing cards of a XIII century Italian state; Spielkarten Uwe Volker Segeth (review); Iconografía de la Barja Española; Were Cards printed in England in the Fifteenth Century?; Ein Joker aus Krakau; Italian Cards (Pratesi VIII)

4. The Portuguese suit-system; Spanish cards; Silver cards; Italian cards (Pratesi IX)

Vol. XVIII (1989 - 90)

1. The Goldschmidt Tarots; The earliest Spanish playing-cards; Hungarian Collections (I); English duty evasion; Italian cards (Pratesi X - part I)

2. Italian Cards (Pratesi X - part II); Hungarian collections (II); Brother Johannes; Peter Meffert; Fynste Java Speelkaarten; News from 1900; Review of the IPCS (I)

3. Review of the IPCS (II); In the Beginning...; Correspondence - Johannes, Marziano; A Lattmann Sample Book; The Kwitlech Cards of Galician Jews (I)

4. The Kwitlech Cards of Galician Jews (II); Les Cartes de la Révolution (review); How to Identify Prints (Gascoigne), Old and Curious Playing Cards (Morley) (reviews); Über die Anfänge der Spielkarten im Königreich Polen des XV und XVI Jahrhunderts; Italian Cards - New Discoveries

Vol. XIX (1990 - 91)

1. John Bernström; Italian cards (Pratesi XII); Pocci's cards; Lattmann's factory and products

2. Udinesi cards; "Archaic" Italian cards; Pochspiel (I); Italian cards (Pratesi XIII - Cucu)

3. Pochspiel (II); Sammlung Sylvia Mann; Cambio etc. (I); Hungarian collections (III)

4. Pochspiel (III); Cambio(II); "Archaic" Italian cards - correction; Map cards; The Oxford Guide to Card Games & All Cards on the Table (reviews); Breslau discovery

Vol. XX (1991 - 92)

1. Evasion of Stamp Duty in 19th century (I); Philippines - Primitive Cards; Das Spiel von Arundhatî und der sieben Rsi; Cambio (III); Cimino family of card-makers

2. Evasion of Stamp Duty in 19th century (II); F.G.Baumgärtner - Kartenfabrikant des Industrie-Comptoirs Leipzig; Kimberley of Birmingham; Modern Korean cards and Japan

3. Portraits en Espagne avant 1800; German-suited Children's packs

4. Preference in Russia; Ashta Dikapala Ganjifa cards; 15th cent. Spanish cards; Marchioness

Vol. XXI (1992 - 93)

1. On the Origins of the Woodcut; To Padavano, The Card-Maker, Venice 7th July 1541; New Documents from Palermo; The Tyrol Pattern

2. Portrait de Rouen No 2 ou portrait anglais?; Culture in 18th Century England; The Aonikenk Playing-Cards; Paper and Printing in Europe (Correspondence); Early American Joker

3. Dauphiné Cards; Spielkarten (review); A.D. Willis; Playing-Cards in Venice in the early 1800s; Chartarius Martinus Skorupka, Cards of 1595 & the Silesian Cards of 1547

4. Zwickauer Spielkarten...; Altdeutsche Spielkarten 1500 - 1650 (review); Portraits en Espagne (suite); Florentine Cardmakers and Concession Holders (1477 - 1751)

Vol. XXII (1993 - 94)

1. Johann Lucas versus Daniel Pueschel; G. Gluck - Card Manufacturer at Liège, 1857; Wüst Connections; Dutch Regional Costumes depicted on Playing-Cards

2. Chaqui and Partui; Single-Figure Saxon Pattern; One of Wüst's American Connections; Trumf På Hand (review); Der Gestohlene Rosen-König Von 1462

3. 'Aleas commutare ...'; Tressett in Russia; Playing Cards in Sweden; Owcy Glowa

4. not issued.

Vol. XXIII (1994 - 95)

1. La bassette, entre règlementation et répression; A New Set of Aonikenk Playing-Cards; Dr. Helmut Rosenfeld (obituary); Playing Cards found in Lincoln's Inn; Latin Suit Systems; Il Mondo E L'Angelo; How cards were made in Padua in 1664

2. The 'Money' Pack and a Gambling Game of the Hakka; Un inventaire de 'moules' de cartier en 1701; An old Danish manufacturer of Playing-Cards; Pier Leone Ghezzi

3. Essai de généalogie de portrait de Paris; From Innsbruck to Venice: A Pattern's Trip; A Russian Woodcut; Cards by Jehan Faucil; Les Loix du Jeu

4. 'Spanish' Cards made in Belgium; Sylvia Mann: a Remembrance and an Appreciation; über das Sächsische Doppelbild; The Aztecs and Playing-Cards in 16th Century Mexico

Note: From here onwards The Playing-Card and Playing-Card World were combined and issued as The Playing-Card six times a year.

Vol. XXIV (1995 - 96)

1. Sigmundt Beck's Playing-Cards in the Czech National Museum; Casino from Nowhere to Vaguely Everywhere; Giocatori di Carte in Inediti Affreschi Lombardi del '400

2. Le Coucou en France; IPCS London Convention; Portrait de Paris after World War II; Laurence Alt (obituary)

3. Brag in Literature and Life 1; Italian-suited Cards: The Trentine Pattern; The Swedish Connection of the Spielkartenfabrik von C. L. Wüst 1811 - 1927; Los Naipes de Cadiz (review)

4. Brag in Literature and Life 2; Kultur und Kunstgeschichte der Spielkarte (review); Liuk Fu, Cháng Pái and Other East Asian Trick-Taking Games; Playing-Cards as Lining for Drawers

5. Playing-Cards in Lucca; The Playing-Card Workshops of Sawantwadi; Bombay or Vienna?; Should we perpetuate errors?; Playing-Cards Made by Johann Ziser, Prague

6. Two Spanish Designs Adapted for French Use; "Troeven": the Simplest Game of Trumps; The Last Days of Indian Playing-Cards?; The History of the Spielkartenfabrik von Georg Martin Neumann; 66-Card Tarock in the Tyrol; Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses (review); The Storage and Display of Playing-Cards

Vol. XXV (1996 - 97)

1. Russian Card Games and Their Literature; Stukeley-Type Playing-Cards in Prague; The Manuscript of Johannes; "Beautiful Bath" pack by Karl Gerich; I Tarocchi Siciliani (review); The Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 1; Games of Eleusis, Crowley and Maze

2. Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 2; The Playing-Card Factory of C. L. Wüst: a Chronology; Games of Styrivolt, Vorms and Cicera; (more on) Stukeley Cards in the Prague Museum; Tarocke (review); Schach und Karten - und Schachkarten

3. Report on Convention at Kecskemét; The Later Pattern for Sicilian Tarots; Report of first Norwegian Playing-Card Society Meeting; Note sur les "cartes debassette"; Games of Shoot Pontoon and Don; Naqsh in the Nineteenth Century; The "Curse of Scotland"?

4. Documents on Playing-Cards in Piedmont, part 1; Il Castro di Issogne; "Climbing" Games; Two Ten Seven Character Cards in Hsian; Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 3

5. Documents on Playing-Cards in Piedmont, part 2; First Reference to Jass; Games of Cotecchio and Trappola; Triumphs of Hermes and Wisdom 4; The Wooden Playing-Cards of the Mongols; The Playing-Cards of Spain (review); Minor British Playing-Card Makers of the Nineteenth Century Volume 1 (review); Playing-Cards in Urbino - a Discovery

6. La Virtú in Giocco 1; Le Livre Belote, Histoire du Bridge, Kartenspiele in Familien - und Freundeskreis, Doppelkopf, Ujabb 21 kártyajátek és még 12 pasziánsz (reviews); (yet more on) Stukeley Cards in the Prague Museum; A Wicked Pack of Cards (review); Minor British Playing-Card Makers of the Nineteenth Century Volume 2 (review); Counties of England (review); Erneute Betrachtungen zu einem erloschenen Standardbild mit deutschen Farben; The Conception of Ancestors to Tarot Games

Vol. XXVI (1997 - 98)

1. The Game of Three Chrysanthemums; Preference in Russia; Le Portrait d'Aluette Tramezal et Marais; Games: Partners, Allies and Looking for Friends; La Virtú in Giocco 2

2. Orpelli e Naipi; A Greenlandic Descendant of Karnöffel; Game of Trappola; Bhavnagar State Historical Cards; La Virtú in Giocco 3

3. Card Playing and Playing-Cards; Es mus es algo más, Perfectionez seul votre tarot, Kortspelshandboken, Das grosse Buch der Kartenspiele, Schweizer Jass-führer, Forty Fives, Juegos de cartas, Szórakoztató kártyajátékok kézikönyve (reviews); Report on Convention in Trieste and Venice; Bolognese Tarocchino: "Sequenza" Cards; Wüst's Swiss Connections; Some notes on the Bhavnagar Cards; Storing and Displaying Playing-Cards; Albanian Card Games: a Recent Tradition

4. Norskeforening for Spillkortsamlere; Beating Off the Attack; The Trumps on the Casa Rella Frescoes; Twenty Years of Cartophilia Helvetica; Die Kartenmacherfamilie Backofen in Nürnberg, The Art of Tarot (reviews); Profile of Han Janssen; News from Altenburg

5. The "Very Costly Game" of Zwicken; Playing the Game: Playing with numbers; The Regensburg pattern; New Issues; IPCS Millennium Project; Pattern Sheet Editor; A Short History of Playing-Cards in the United States; Letter to the Editor (T. Denning); Visit to a new UK Playing-Card Maker

6. Editorial; Millennium Deck; Society News; From the Secretary's Desk; Miscellany (Blocks used to print card hands, Playing-card electronic mailing list, Frequently Asked Questions); Book Reviews (A Magyar Kártya/Die Ungarishce Karte), Auctions and Lists; Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: Notes on fishing; New Issues; Other Issues; Ein Netzwerk von Bildern; Stýrivoltur, the Karnöffel of the Faroes, part 1; The Game of Faro

Vol. XXVII (1998 - 99)

1. Editorial and result of Modiano Prize 1998; Talon/BDK Meeting 1998; Ravensburger Games takes over Berliner Spielkarten; Notes and Queries (Playing cards to keep fit, Internet news, Names of English court card patterns, Happy Families, Early British playing-cards); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (London Livery Company Apprenticeship Registers, Volume 12: Makers of Playing Cards' company 1675 - 1760, Saddlers' Company 1657 - 1666, Tobacco Pipemakers' Company 1800, Tarrokk Album, Games We Play. History of J.W. Spear & Sons, Minor British Playing Card Makers of the Nineteenth Century. Volume 4. James English & Compnay; Peerless Card Company); Playing the Game: Black kings in Greenland and Black Maria in Finland; New Issues; An Unusual Hindu pack of cards; ; Stýrivoltur, the Karnöffel of the Faroes, part 2

2. George Beal: an Appreciation; Letter to the Editor (R. Lancaster); Notes and Queries (Internet News, New Cards for Old, Casino Telephone Card, Name of the Game in Chinese, Frequently Asked Questions); Book Reviews ("Welli & Co" Spielkarten aus Alt-Tirol 1750 - 1900. Sonderheft zu Talon No. 7, Tarot Cards and the Millennium - the Story of Who's on the Cards and Why); Playing the Game: Cards in Russian prisons; New Issues; A pack not made by Hunt; In Search of Tarot Sources: part 1; A visit to Sawantwadi

3. Editorial; Rendez-vous at Issy, 23 - 25 October; Klaus Reisinger's response to receiving the Modiano Prize 1998; Notes and Queries (Internet news, Plea for information, Second-hand Cards, Exhibition of "Seducing Cards" at Turnhout); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (Kártyafestõk Magyarországon / Kartenmaler in Ungarn / Card Makers in Ungarn, Igorny Dom [The Gambling House], New Playing Card Figures by Academic Sharleman, I Giochi di Carta / Card Games, Playing cards & Card Games on British Cigarette Cards - a Checklist and Anglo-American Playing Cards on Overseas Cigarette Cards - a Checklist (provisional)); Playing the Game: Recent books; Playing-Card Ephemera; New Issues; Bubble Cards and Prints; In Search of Tarot Sources: part 2

4. Address from our President; Notes and Queries (Staff to leaf transformation in English cards, The American Game Collectors' Association, Royal Geographical Whist, Further notes on the playing-cards of Sawantwadi, Internet news, Casino playing-cards, Michael Dummett, Vanity Fair); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: Zwickern; New Issues; William Montagu's Geographical Pack of 1793; Huchot and other card game illustrators; Perilous times of 19th century playing-card makers in London; La prima edizione di Chitarrella

5. Editorial; IPCS convention 24 - 26 September Wroclaw; The index on-line; Notes and Queries (Standcraft Janus pack, Black Cat cigarette playing-cards, Thackeray's connections with cards, Rudolf von Leyden, Ganjifa exhibition, Leicester, De La Rue's early Ace of spades, Miniature cards, Quartet CD-ROM, Society news, Dates in 18th century England and "Bubble Cards"); Book Reviews (British Patents, Design of and Games with Playing-Cards); Playing the Game: Quitlok; Number symbolism and the tarot trumps; Playing cards in Bermuda; New Issues; Los Impuestos Sobre los Naipes en los Reinos de España, entraga 1; The 'Nine Worthies' and French cards

6. Editorial; Notes and Queries (German area representative, Belgian mystery pack, AG Müller now owned by Carta Mundi, Turnhout museum closes for refurbishment, Questions for the 3rd millennium, part 1, "Cries and Humours of London" completed, ...and now wash your hands, Internet news, Exhibition at Albemarle Gallery, London); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: king-ten-five or ace-ten-five; New Issues; SK329858; "MADE FROM PW" - ein handgemachtes Internationales Bild; Los Impuestos Sobre los Naipes en los Reinos de España, entraga 2; Stubai Valley Droggn and Dobbm - two living fossils of the Austrian card game landscape, part I

Vol. XXVIII (1999 - 2000)

1. Editorial; BDK/Talon meeting in Goslar; Letters to the Editor (W. Suma, J. Taylor, T. Denning); Notes and Queries (Belgian mystery pack, Early editions of Waite/Colman Smith's tarot deck, Accolade for Issy-les-Moulineaux museum, Tarot exhibition at Turnhout, L'ACCART strikes back, More on second-hand cards, Questions for the 3rd millennium, part 2, Internet news); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (Cartiers Parisiens du XIXe Siècle, The catalogue of Happy Family Games. Promotional Packs); Playing the Game: Swiss games and more relatives of Rook; New Issues; SK329858 (reprinted with corrections); Nouvelle Étymologie du terme tarock/tarot; The return of Bridge to its homeland; Stubai Valley Droggn and Dobbm - two living fossils of the Austrian card game landscape, part II; Phillip Otto Runge's first playing-cards

2. Editorial; Modiano Prize winner 1999; IPCS British Group meeting in Leicester; Notes and Queries (Political allegiances and Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Cards, French-suited 60-card decks, Cheating in South African casinos, Questions for the 3rd millennium, part 3, Tarot studies, 18th century advertisement for playing-cards, Bicycle playing-cards in Canada, Playing-card manufacture in Germany in the 1880s, Internet news); Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (Spielkarten, volumes 6 - 9, Michaela Klinkow:Spielkartenmakulatur, Schweizer Spielkarten 1. Die Anfänge im 15. Und 16. Jahrhundert); New Issues; Playing the Game: more 66-card tarot games; The manufacturing process of French-suited playing-caards befoe 1800; Taking the 'waters of Ambert' too literally a very early advertising deck; French suits and English names; A new card design from China; Stubai Valley Droggn and Dobbm - two living fossils of the Austrian card game landscape, part III

3. Editorial; Trevor Denning - Honorary Fellow; Fournier's giant pack at Guildhall Library; 1999 IPCS Convention, Wroclaw, Poland; Letter to the Editor (T. Denning); Notes and Queries (Deck or Pack?, Woodpecker Press, Death of L.M.C. Fradera, Exhibition at Guildhall Library, London, La recoupe - new cards for old?, Belgian mystery pack - still a mystery, Cartorama catalogue XXV, ACCART meeting November, Wroclaw convention, Internet news); Book Reviews (Museo "Fournier" de Naipes de Alava Catalogo Tomo IV, Spielkarten aus der Sammlung Schultz, TAROCKE: Kulturgeschichte auf Kartenbildern. Band 6); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: Recent books; De La Rue's first playing-cards; New Issues; I Trionfi di Marziano; La première mention de la Scopa; Golden Patience - A new pack of cards from Moehsnang

4. Editorial; Victor Ferro Torrelles on the award of the 1999 Modiano Prize; The early history of the IPCS; Letters to the Editor (P. Wood, R. Lancaster); Notes and Queries (Talon/BDK meeting Vienna, Links to IPCS members' home pages, De La Rue's first playing-cards - the ugly queens, First European museum website, Benetton Foundation awards for games research, Mystery pack); New Issues; Musical composition with playing-cards; Book Review (Spielkarten aus Goslar); Publications Roundup; Playing the Game: exploring the boundaries; Bony, une fabrique de cartes à jouer et papiers peints à Lunéville (1836 - 1941); The 'Maacher Kulturhuef'; Facsimile of a prisoner's hand-made cards from the Grini concentration camp, Norway

5. Editorial; IPCS Millennium pack; Letters to the Editor (M. Dummett, J. McLeod); Les amis du Kulturhuef; Notes and Queries (Call for papers for 2000 convention, Advantages of card playing, Mystery deck fully revealed, Connaissez-vous ce jeu du 'Happy Families'?, Holding hands - the fanning of a hand of cards, Ray Hartz - an obituary, Corrections to early history of the IPCS, Internet news); New Issues; Publications Roundup; Book Reviews (The catalogue of Happy Family Games, Part One and Part Two); Playing-cards and Medley prints; Extra Zwanglose Karte; The 2000 Convention - further information; Playing the Game: Swazi Casino; Two Portugal Insurrection packs

6. Preliminary Convention 2000 schedule; Notes and Queries (Carta Mundi's millennium mystery, Hands up! Fanning of a hand of cards, French promotional Happy Families pack, Isle of Man Souvenir Cards, Dealt a precious hand, Internet news); New Issues; Playing the Game: Jass games - a survey; A 19th century Kurnol Dashavatara ganjifa pack; Publications Roundup; Rock Brothers and Payne - a Victorian stationer and playing-card maker; Playing-cards from Goslar; Grevjass, a modern Faroese pointer to the Jass of Czar Peter I;

Vol. XXIX (2000 - 2001)

No. 1 BDK/Talon meeting 2000
Playing the Game: the survival of Hombre; Klabberjaß im Alten Land bei Hamburg
L'Inquisition, le Monopole et les Cartiers en Espagne au XVIe Siècle
Cracow playing-card manufacturers in modern Times
A Phoenix Arises

No. 2 The competitions for the back design of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards presentation packs
An introduction to playing-cards from the Czech lands
Dates of packs on Lenthall's List
Playing the Game: the other Napoleon

No. 3 Report on Joint IPCS/52 Plus Joker Convention
Playing the Game: Recent books
Playing-cards of Malta
The Printing of Playing-Cards
The late Ming game of Ma Diao

No. 4 John McLeod on receiving the Modiano prize
Playing the Game: Tarokk in Hungary
A 19th Century Glossary of Playing-Card Terms
Rocks in the Landscape (cards of Jean Vérame)
A Response to the *tuman Problem
Wolfgang Suma: a Personal Reminiscence

No. 5 Playing the Game: All Fours and its Descendants
Argentinian Playing-Cards: Part 1 Art and Politics
Playing Cards on Book Plates
William Warter's "Proverbial Cards"

No. 6 Playing the Game: CUAJO: a Chinese Game with Spanish Cards
Bid Whist
Portraits en Espagne avant 1800: Le Portrait de Valence
The Origin of the first English Joker

Vol. 30 (2001 - 2002)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Rules, Conventions and Customs
Maimonides - A Trace of Playing-Cards in the 12th Century
Maltese Dragon Cards
Playing Cards of Canada
Stewart Lawrence: An Appreciation

No. 2 Playing the Game: Oochlee - A Game from Northern Syria
Dilys Henrik Jones: An Appreciation
German Flower Quartet games
Hodges' Artful Dodges
Tarocchino Bolognese: Due Nuovi Manoscritti Scoperti: Parte 1

No. 3 Argentinian Playing-Cards: Part 2 Gaucho and Other Cards
Playing-Cards of the Chitrashala Press: Part 1
Mamluk Problems
19th Century Images of Chinese card Players

No. 4 Playing The Game: Tarock in Romania
Cards of the Chitrashala Press: Part 2
Martin Le Franc et les Tarots Visconti
Tarocchino Bolognese: Due Nuovi Manoscritti Scoperti: Parte 2

No. 5 A Rare 1909 American Russian Political Pack
An Early mention of Playing-Cards in Australia
Portraits Standard en Turquie au XIXe Siècle

No. 6 Playing the Game: Recent Books
Computer Images of Playing-Cards
Ernesto Flaiban: Playing Card Manufacturer of Buenos Aires
Playing-Cards in Brazil
Playing-Cards of the 1893 Chicago World Fair

Vol. 31 (2002 - 2003)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Tulip Growers' Pandoeren
How Little Do We Know?
De La Rue's Stick Business in Surrey
The Wheelers: A Family of Card makers and Card Forgers?
Tûmân, or the 10,000 Cups of the Mamlûk Cards

No. 2 Playing the Game: Indian Jass games
Amends to Athanasius Kircher
The Extended Dasavatara Packs of Orissa
The 'Yezi Pu' (Manual of Leaves)

No. 3 Playing the Game: More Indian Jass Games
Der Fürst und der Kartenspiel: Piquet-Regeln (um 1620)
Heraclio Fournier: Note on the Manufacture of Playing-Cards
The Map Cards of William Redmayne c.1676

No. 4 Playing the Game: Which Whist
Alf Cooke: Printer and Maker of Playing-Cards
Lenthall vs Redmayne et al
Les Cartes de Marseille au Mexique au Début du XVIIIe Siècle
The Heraldic Crosses on the 2000 Worshipful Company's Pack

No. 5 Playing the Game: More Whist and comments on Tuppi
Chinese Money Suited Cards
L.P. Holmblad - Danish playing-Card Maker: The Tarok Packs
Pan Zhiheng's 'Xu Yezi Pu' Part 1
Tuppi: Lapland's National Game

No. 6 Playing the Game: Card Games in Iran
A Pack for the Prague 1908 Jubilee Exhibition
Pan Zhiheng's 'Xu Yezi Pu' (Sequel to a Manual of Leaves) Part 2
Playing-cards of the Cuming Museum

Vol. 32 (2003 - 2004)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Owl or Eagle? The Uhu in Austrian Tarock
Modern techniques of scientific Analysis of Playing-Cards
Playing-cards of Latvia
Royalty on Danish Playing-cards

No. 2 Playing the Game: Golf
Cartomancy in Bologna
First Steps of Bridge in the West: Collinson's 'Biritch'
Playing-cards for the Afterlife
Playing Cards of the Cuming Museum: The European Cards

No. 3 Playing the Game: Tournament Report
A Propaganda Deck for the Siege of Leningrad
AGM AGMüller: 175 Years of Playing-Card Manufacture
Three Chiki Games

No. 4 Playing the Game: Partition Games
Back to the Roots of a Modern Flower Deck
Playing-Cards of Estonia
Mahjong(g) before Mahjong(g): Part 1
Where Do the Virtues Go

No. 5 Playing the Game: Invention and Evolution
A 19th Century Hand-painted French-Suited Pack from Oglewadi
A New Playing-Card Factory in the Netherlands
Des "cartes communément appelées taraux" 1ère Partie
Mahjong(g) before Mahjong(g): Part 2

No. 6 Playing the Game: Brelan in Belgium
A 19th Century Czech Nationalistic pack by Emanuel Neumann
Des "cartes communément appelées taraux" 2ème Partie
On the Origin of Styles: Taxonomy of the English Pattern
Playing-Cards and the Olympic Games
The Tarot Myth

Vol. 33 (2004 - 2005)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Tarocco Ticinese
48-Card Packs in Italy
Goodall's Royal Masonic Playing Cards
Entre tarot et jeux de cour: une carte à jouer italienne
Marziano da Tortona's Tractus de deificatione sexdecim heroum Part 1

No 2 Playing the Game: The Benelux Games of Trumps
An Enigmatic Betrothal on Lucas van Leyden's Painting The Card Reader
Henry Druitt Phillips
Marziano da Tortona's Tractus de deificatione sexdecim heroum Part 2
Rummy Mahjong - Playing Cards on Tiles
Taxes on Playing Cards in Argentina
The Sicilian Trumps

No. 3 The Sicilian Trumps
Playing Cards of the Great exhibition in London, 1851
American Indian Playing-Cards of French and English Derivation
Maltese Playing Card makers 1684-1750
Whist-Regeln in Kontinentaleuropa bis 1800

No. 4 Playing the Game: Schnellen, Hucklebuck & Donut
A Playing Card Discovery in Schongau (Bavaria)
Augustus Wollaston Franks
Brief Sketch of the History of Tarot Cards
Kakkuri: The Last Yomi Game of Japan
Lady Charlotte Schreiber: Card Collector Extraordinary
The Holmblad Playing Card Patterns
Worshipful Company of maker's of Playing Cards 1887 Ladies Pack

Vol. 34 (2005-2006)

No. 1 The Talon/BDK Meeting 2005
An Early 20th Century Pack of French Suited Cards by Narayan Ramachandra Kelkar
Early Cardmakers in Scotland
The Early Waite-Smith Tarot Editions
A Severe Penalty for Forgery of the Ace of Spades
A Survey of Russian Playing-Card Publications
Carte da gioco del '700 nella Cappella Sistina
The 1890 Worshipful Company Pack for the Summer Ladies Dinner
Non-Standard De La Rue Packs for King Christian X of Denmark
De La Rue & Co. London and Paris Decks
Playing the Game: Kaiser, Joffre and the Lost Heir

No. 2 IPCS Turnhout Convention report
The ASESCOIN 2005 meeting
Playing Cards and Tarots in Naples, 15th-18th Centuries
A Czech National Revival Pack c. 1890 engraved by Karel Hoffman
Gambling in Malta under the Order of St. John
A Pack by Grimaud for the Liner France
Playing the Game: Canasta Relatives - Games with Feet

No. 3 In Memoriam Klaus Reisinger 1941 - 2006
The 14th Century and the Introduction of Playing Cards into Europe
Owen Jones (1809 - 1874): Architect, Decorative Artist & Designer of Playing Cards
A Discovery of 16th Century Playing-Cards
Early Documents on Playing Cards in Mantua; William Taunton and the Game of Zetema
Playing the Game: Truc, Vitou and Aluette
A Pack made by a Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War

No. 4 Obituary: Lorna Collett
A Czech Hussite Pack
C. L. Wüst and the Theilungs-Recess
Die "quarten" aus dem Hennegau
Hallazgos de barajas antiguas españolas
John Kirk - An 18th Century Card Maker
Mahjong(g), before and after Mahjong(g)
When We Were Very Young
Playing the Game: Literature and Joffre cards

Vol. 35 (2006 - 2007)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Truf
Collecting Australian Playing Cards
The Emergence of the Tulip on Playing and Oracle Cards
Mahjong(g) before and after Mahjong(g): Part 2
I Tarocchi della Collezione Rothschild al Louvre: Nuove Proposte di Lettura
Komi and Nakash - Two gambling games of Orissa

No. 2 Playing the Game: Scharwenzel
From Schongau to St Petersburg
Very Old Wrappers
Playing cards and Tax Stamps form Czechoslovakia
Did Card Makers Always Make Their Own Cards

No. 3 Playing the Game: Twenty Two
Embarrassing Tiles: Mahjong and the Taipings
Early Cards of Bordeaux
Some Remarks on the Relationship between Church and Card Games

No. 4 Playing the Game: Chinese games, Big Three and Fight the Landlord
Some Remarks on the Relationship between Church and Card Games Part 2
The Hunting pack made by Mihály Zichy
Rabouge - History, Rules, Cards
The Origins of Euchre
Le Prince à la Table de Jeu

Vol. 36 (2007-2008)

No. 1 Playing-card Backs
The Stralsund Single-faced Pattern
Early Italian Lists of Tarot Trumps
Giovanni del Ponte and the dating of the Rothschild cards in the Louvre: some further considerations
Seven Bridge
Playing the Game: Compendium Games

No. 2 Report from Ravenna
Recognizing a Nineteenth-Century Apache Playing Card Artist: The Tonto Naipero
Bhavnagar State Historical Cards: New Finds
Du piquet au whist: les marqueurs de jeu de cartes entre France et Grande-Bretagne
Cards and Card-Playing in Muscovite Russia
Playing the Game: Italian Games and Recent Books

No. 3 Latvian wartime playing-cards
French suited tarot decks in Denmark and the Jacob Holmblad Animal tarot
A Pair of Transformation Packs
Playing Cards in Rome – 15th- 17th Centuries
Playing the Game: Five-player Dasavatartas from West Bengal

No. 4 Undescribed Standard Patterns
Crouds in the Streets, Meetings at the Tables
Black Peter – a Brigand?
Playing-cards by Academician Sharleman
A Sequel to Max Ruh's "Playing-Card Backs"
Array Rummy Game
Playing the Game: Card games with layouts

Vol. 37 (2008-2009)

No. 1 Arundhati and Saptarishis (Seven Sages)
Flowers and Kings: A Hypothesis of their Function in Early Ma Que
Playing Cards: Uses and Abuses
Storing and Cataloguing a Small Playing Card Collection
Page One
Marked Playing Cards
Playing the Game: Modern Skruuvi

No. 2 Entre farsa et barzelletta: jeux de cartes italiens autour 1500
Quartet Games and their History
The Devil and the Two of Hearts
Playing the Game: Troggu in Visperterminen

No. 3 Back to Card Backs: Rosart's Tarotées
Gabriel Shire Tregear and "The March of Intellect" Card Game
The Fennell series of Irish Heroic & Historic Playing Cards
Printing Methods used in the Manufacture of Playing-cards
Was there a "Portrait de Nice"?
Maldivian card games: rules, language and history
Playing the Game: Dai Fugô

No. 4 Aspects of Self Playing-Cards
Joker Collecting and Manufacturers
Dasamahavidyas – the Ten Mahavidyas
Three Centuries of Playing-cards in the Netherlands 1600 – 1900
Roomse Constitutie Kaarten – fallible for losers, infallible for winners.
Playing the Game: Tarock News

Vol. 38 (2009-2010)

No. 1 Members Only Area of Web Site
New Issues on the Web
Le portrait de Pampelune
Miniature Cards from the 19th Century
From the Symbolism of Wings to the Symbolism of Tarot Cards
Taxes on Playing-Cards in the Republic of San Marino
Playing the Game: Indian games - double tricks and collecting tens

No. 2 Obituary: Trevor Denning
October in Toronto
Playing the Game: Iberian Triumphs Worldwide
The magion Experience in Italy, A mahjong District in (Emilia) Romagna
The Proto-historiography of Playing Cards:
Early Hypotheses and Beliefs About the Origins of Cards and Card Games in Europe
Cartographic and Map Playing Cards 1590-1798

No. 3 In Memoriam Bob Haleber
Dutch Scenic Aces
Domino Cards
Classifying Non-standard Playing Cards
A Century with the Waite-Smith Tarot (and all the others ...)

No. 4 Dawson’s Game: Blackjack and the Klondike
Port Books
Collecting Playing-cards in China
Chamundeshwari Chad
Two fifteenth-century Italian cards
Playing the Game: Minchiate

Vol. 39 (2010-2011)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Origin of Königrufen
Portugal Playing Card Tax – Imposto do cartas de jogar
El Juego de naypes of Fernando de la Torre - A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Card Game

No. 2 Report from the Convencaò de Lisboa
When (and how) did Tarot reach Germany
Playing-card Taxes in Uruguay
The story behind a simple receipt
La marque dans la famille des jeux hollandais de bel-bruyten
Court figures in pre-standardized France

No. 3 Playing the Game: Race Games with Playing-Cards
Twelve-suited 144 Cards Gul aur Bulbul Ganjifa,
Expanded Form of 96 cards Moghul Ganjifa from Banganapalle
Desert Island Games
A transition, a problem and more on Llewellyn
Tokens for Whist, Part I: Hoyle’s Method of Scoring and other Whist Counters

No. 4 Playing the Game: The Influence of Magic
Tokens for Whist Part II: From Simple to Quadruple
Winning Hearts and Minds: The Theory Behind the Playing-Card Backs Designed by Owen Jones
A Note on the History of Cuccù
The Soldier´s Prayerbook gave rise to a press-law suit in 1779

Vol. 40 (2011-2012)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Marimba... without mallets
From ‘britch’ to ‘bridge’: early French accounts of the 1880’s and 1890’s
Two trompe-l’oeils with playing-cards
Russian Playing Card History - From the Beginnings to 1917

No. 2 Report from the Convention in Malmö
Playing the Game: Playing cards and Chess
Playing Cards in the Danish Church
World War I and card playing as shown on forces’ postcards
The Ungers: A 19th century playing-card making family in Győr, Hungary

No. 3 Obituary Prof. Sir Michael Dummett
Playing the Game: Tarocchi with Table Talk – The 62-card Game in Piedicavallo
The IPCS – Forty Years Ago
Felix Solesio at Home
Fake English cards and a note on Ludlow’s Knights aces
Playing Card Containers
I primi giochi di carte nella repubblica fiorentina

No. 4 Playing the Game: Polish Taroki
On types, patterns and standards
A return visit to the Cuming Museum
Fancy Conjuring Playing Cards: A New Collecting Fashion?
Imprimait-on des cartes à jouer à Ferrare en 1436 ?

Vol. 41 (2012-2013)

No. 1 A Journey to the German Colonies
Criterial characteristics and the development of American court cards from 1820-60
From Cards to Tiles: The Origin of Mahjong(g)’s Earliest Suit Names

No. 2 Report from the 2012 Convention
Playing the Game: Chinese Patience
In Search of Tarot Sources – After Fifteen Years
Un “Padovano” cartaro accusato di frode
A Response to Walter Haas
The Playing Card in Perpignan, from the 14th to the 19th Century
Restoration of playing cards

No. 3 Playing the Game: From Begging to Pitching
Cards and Cards: Early References to Playing Cards in England
Milanese playing card drawings in the British Museum
More English influences on major US court designs
Royal Finery on Playing Cards
Beer Steins

No. 4 Playing the Game: Austrian Calling Games
À mi-chemin entre Venise et Florence : le Chariot ferrarais du Musée français de la carte à jouer
Playing cards at Strangers’ Hall, Norwich
A kind of answer to Ken Lodge
The Rwandan appropriation of a Portuguese game: amaturufu and ibigurasha

Vol. 42 (2013-2014)

No. 1 Obituary Prof. Dr. Detlef Hoffmann
Playing the Game: Minimal Card Games: Kop and Baśka
1691 Scottish Peers' Heraldic Playing Cards
The Tarot de Marseille - Facts and Fallacies. Part I
Walter Scharff – the Fate of an Unorthodox Maker of Playing Cards

No. 2 Playing the Game: Getaway: the Punjabi Inflation Game
Illustrated backs of cards made in Milan
Realism in European cards
The Tarot de Marseille - Facts and Fallacies. Part II
Oppenheimer & Sulzbacher, Vereinigte Kunstanstalten Senkeisen (vSk) and Carl Schaller

No. 3 Obituaries: George Beal and Max Ruh
Playing the Game: Reversed Card Fireworks
Imported cards in 19th century Britain
I tarocchi nel Regno Sabaudo dal 1815 all’Unità d’Italia (1)
Identifying a Maker Using Stencil Patterns

No. 4 Playing the Game: Varieties of Cucumber
Hudson Industries – an Australian playing card maker
The Stag Rider from the So-called "Tarot of Alessandro Sforza" at the Museo Civico di Castello Ursino of Catania
I tarocchi nel Regno Sabaudo dal 1815 all’Unità d’Italia (2)

Vol. 43 (2014-2015)

No. 1 Playing the Game: Card Games on Poster Stamps
News from Austria's Past (1): Playing-card Makers in Agram
A fascinating find at Haddon Hall
Paying by card before plastic was invented
An analysis of wood-block characteristics

No. 2 Obituary Eddie Cass
The Berlin Convention 2014
A sniff of salt for a quarter of a playing card
Comments to the article "Playing the Game: Card games on poster stamps"
Whitaker, Steer, Willis & Perry: a tale of suit signs and number cards
Poker cards - Deviations from the Standard

No. 3 Playing the Game: Climbing and Throwing Eggs
Playing cards with added value
Un marqueur de tressette ? (ou “La Constance l’emporte”…)
News from Austria’s Past (2): Aloys Hofmann, a Viennese cardmaker
Nineteenth Century Duplicate Whist Playing Card Holders

No. 4 Playing the Game: Gnav in Germany
Vintage Movie Star Playing Cards from Brazil
Dating and its associated problems
Four Russian Playing-card Packs
Otto Spalinger - an artist and his playing-cards
Hoyle abroad, II: Hoyle in French
News from Austria's Past (3): Constantin Kaulitzy, a cardmaker in Neusatz

Vol. 44 (2015-2016)

No. 1 A presentation of the Gallica database (the BnF's digital library) and its playing-card contents
From Italy to France and back again
Origin of Tarots - the Avignon Hypothesis
The Fall and Rise of Thomas Woolley & the Decline and Fall of Creswick
News from Austria’s Past (4): The playing-card maker Carl Hofer (Hoffer)
1499-1506: Firenze – Nuove informazioni sulle carte fiorentine

No. 2 The 2015 IPCS Convention in Turnhout
Early French court figures and the regional portraits
Iraqi Most Wanted
The Tarock of the Skat inventors, Part 1: Grosstarock Redefined

No. 3 Obituary Marie-Claude Atger-Ravel
1377: Firenze – Condanne ai giocatori di naibi
The Tarock of the Skat inventors, Part 2: The Weimar Classics and a Ludemic View on Tarock, Hombre, and Skat
Shipwreck in Alderney, a Pack with a Story
News from Austria’s Past (5): Makers of Playing-Cards in Cheb/Eger (Bohemia). Part 1: 16th – 17th centuries
‘Trionfi alla franciosa finiti e non finiti’ – Le tarot en France avant 1500
Playing-card taxes in New Zealand

No. 4 Obituaries Karl Gerich, Tom Dawson
Playing the Game: ǂXànúsìas played by the Ju|’hoansi in |Xae|xae, Botswana
New Insights into the So-called Alessandro Sforza Deck
A Lisbon Find
News from Austria’s Past (6): A strange Austrian Tarot
Early French court figures and the regional portraits (continued)

Vol. 45 (2016-2017)

No. 1 Obituaries: Alberto Milano, Ivo de Cock, Thomas Zeuner
Playing the Game: Perlaggen - the first UNESCO recognised card game
‘Arts on Cards’ - Part One: Portraits
The pros and cons of eBay
News from Austria’s Past (7): Makers of Playing-Cards in Cheb/Eger (Bohemia) - Part 2: 18th - 19th centuries

No. 2 Obituaries: Werner Seyffertitz, Franz Braun, Helmut Feindura
Playing the Game: Trip to Austria – Tarock, Yaks and Ladinisch
Joseph Hunt revisited and the development of the wood-block designs
Why do we have labels and what do they tell us? The case of Dondorf’s Birma-Karte
Double Bohemian Cards – a nearly unknown standard
‘Arts on Cards’ - Part Two: Landscapes

No. 3 Obituaries (K. Frank Jensen, Adrienne Gurr)
Playing the Game: Fishing in 18th-century Yorkshire
Early Dragons
News from Austria’s Past (8): The Playing Card Factory C. Titze & Schinkay in Vienna
Trappola was invented by Trapolin
'Arts on Cards' - Part Three: Animals (I)
Hidden treasures in the Musée du Petit Palais, Paris

No. 4

* * * *

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65 Floskaartjes - Not Black Peter; Die Spielkartenfabrik B Dorndorf &Worshipful Company - reviews; Elaine Lewis; Altenburg Collection Burnt?; Chinese Pictorials
66 "The Fracas"; Altenburger Sammlung Verbrannt?; Stuttgarter Kartenspiel, Yale Gazette, Spielkarten in Ungarn, La Baraja Politica Moderna - reviews
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71 Standard patterns; A Dutch Treat; Jagannath and Gunjappa makers; "Winning Hand" competition; Desert Island Decks (Franco Pratesi); Belasting is Troef (review)
72 Traditionality and Indian Ganjifa; Dutch Re-Treat; British Playing Card Manufacture in the 19th Century , De Spielkaarten collectie van het Belastingmuseum (reviews)
73 Desert Island Decks (Trevor Denning); Who are we?; Playing-cards in Wels - and Linz; Catalogue 2 of Trevor Denning's Collection of Spanish Playing-Cards (review)
74 Karl Gerich's Masterpiece; Hooked on Hodges; The games of Brus & La Mattaccia; Animal Crackers; A Collector's Guide to Playing Cards in Denmark , Die Spielkartenstadt/Skatstadt Altenburg, Goodall & Son's Playing Cards (reviews)
75 A Danish Discovery; Standards and Non-Standards; Another Maker from "Down Under"; A Bavarian Tragedy; A Rare British Cardmaker; Chinese Pictorials (again!); Das Bayerische Bild , Naipes Bitánicos (reviews)
76 To play or not to play; Evolving Scandinavian design; Portuguese, Italian & Spanish suit signs; Gene Hochman (obituary); Testimoni historic de naipes Comas (review)
77 Reports on Rome, Cartophilia Helvetica and Talon meetings; Mecklenburger Geschichte auf Spielkarten (review); "Cartorama" formed
78 Reports on Vitoria Convention and Bube, Dame, König meeting; Spielkarten: Jugendstil und Art Deco (review); Circuses and Teddy Bears transformation packs
79 Fournier Museum d'Alava; 1993 & 1994 Worshipful packs; Cards found in Assisi; Kaartenmakers in Wallonië (review)
80 Dr. Ernst Ragg, Fred G. Taylor & Jaroslav Šafǎrík (obituaries); Archival storage

* * * *

Books and Papers
(items priced individually plus Postage & Packing)Member PriceNon-Members
Playing Cards Depicting Maps of the British Isles, and of English and Welsh Counties (one of the Map Collectors' Series published by the Map Collectors' Circle) - Sylvia Mann & David Kingsley. 1972 £5.00 £8.00
The Dragons of Portugal - Sylvia Mann & Virginia Wayland. 1973 OUT OF STOCK
The Papers of Leinfelden: 136pp. (in three parts). Beham's cards; Berlin cardmakers; XP patterns; Oriental cards; Swiss cards; Japanese cards; The Social History of Cards - 1975 Convention Supplement to Vol. IV. English and German texts OUT OF STOCK
Convention 1995 Conference Proceedings: given 15-17 September, 1995, London, English and German texts, 90 pp. (Printed Images to Play With; Conservation of Playing-Cards; WCPCM collection; Suit Marks & Heraldic Signs; Iconography of the Tarot; Goodall's Playing-Cards; War, Politics and Propaganda; Milestones in French Patterns) English and German texts OUT OF STOCK
Spanish Playing-Cards by Trevor Denning, 1980; 95 pp. 80 illustrations £12.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.1 by Antal Janoska. Card Makers in Hungary 18th - 20th Century. 1992 £5.00 £8.00
IPCS Papers No.2 by Wolfgang Suma. 500 Jahre Leipziger Spielkarten. 1994 OUT OF STOCK
IPCS Papers No.3 by John Berry. Taxation on Playing-Cards in England from 1711 to 1960. 93 pp. including 28 pages of illustrations. 2001 OUT OF STOCK
IPCS Papers No.4 by Thierry Depaulis. Cartes et Cartiers dans les Anciens Etats de Savoie 1400-1860 [ Playing Cards and Cardmakers in the former Savoy States 1400 - 1860 ] French text with English summary. Illustrated throughout. 2006 OUT OF STOCK
IPCS Papers No.5 by Nicola Antonio De Giorgio. Le carte da gioco nel Regno di Napoli (1734-1860) / Playing-Cards in the Kingdom of Naples (1734-1860). 137 pages, Italian and English text, illustrated. 2009 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.6 by Jeff Hopewell. Ganjifa - the traditional playing-cards of India. 88 pages. Illustrated in colour throughout. 2010 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.7 by Franco Pratesi. Playing-card trade in 15th-century Florence. with a foreword by Thierry Depaulis. 116 pages, English text, illustrated. 2012 £10.00 £14.00
IPCS Papers No.8 by Wolfgang Altfahrt. Makers of playing-cards in Prague (Bohemia) from the 16th century to 1918. 122 pages, English text, illustrated. 2016 £10.00 £14.00
Antique Playing Cards: A Pictorial Treasury. Henry René D'Allemagne, selected and arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton, Dover Publications, Inc., 1996. Reproduced from over 90 decks shown in a rare French 2-volume  history of playing-cards, nearly 600 images in black-and-white and 325 in colour depict a veriety of wonderful themes. 1996 £8.00 £10.00

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Pattern Sheets

Web versions of all previous pattern sheets are available.

No printed back issues of pattern sheets are available.

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