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Publications by IPCS Members

This page lists playing-card related books and articles by IPCS members and past members, which are published by people and organisations other than IPCS. Contact details for publishers, or details of where the publications may be obtained, are included where known.

Additions and corrections to this list are welcome. Please contact the webmaster.

Thierry Depaulis

Michael Dummett

Peter Endebrock

See for a complete list of Peter Endebrock's publications.

Mike Goodall

Available from the author . Prices in brackets, subject to postal and packing charges at cost.

Kuromiya Kimihiko

Julian Laderman

The following are all published by Master Point Press, Toronto, Canada

David Parlett

See David Parlett's website for details and further publications.

Franco Pratesi

Franco Pratesi has published numerous articles on the history of playing-cards and card games in various journals and on the web.

These articles are now available to download from his web site

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