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Suit System:IT
Recommended Name:  the Tarocchino Milanese.

This pattern was originally classified as IT-1.3.
Based on designs by C. Della Rocca, this pattern was originally published by Gumppenberg of Milan in the first half of the 19th century. Sometimes called "Tarocchino Milanese" presumably because its format is smaller than that of the Tarocco Piemontese (IT-1.2, IT-1.21 and IT-1.211) or "Della Rocca Tarot".


This very attractive personal interpretation of the figures and designs of the Tarot de Marseille (IT-1) or the Italian IT-1.1 achieved a degree of popularity in the mid-19th century and was copied in Italy, with Italian captions, and also, probably in Geneva, with French captions. It seems to have died out by the end of the 19th century, but a Bergamo maker issued a reproduction pack in 1976 to mark the company's centenary.

The style is too distinctive to require written description. Typical cards are illustrated.

In about 1880, Armanino of Genoa produced a pack following the same designs, but with double-ended court cards and trumps and in the wider Piedmontese format. If evidence becomes available that other makers produced similar packs, such a pattern would logically become known as IT-1.31.


78 cards. 4 suits of 4 single-figure court and 10 pip cards, plus 21 single-figure trumps and the Fool which, together with the court cards are captioned in Italian or French. Known with or without turnover edges.

Some known Makers

Gumppenberg, Milan (mid-19th century);

Frat. Avondo, Serravalle (late 19th century);

Besso, Biella, near Turin (19th century);

Anon., probably Geneva (mid 19th century);

Masenghini, Bergamo (1976 reproduction edition).

Drawings purported to be the Originals for these cards are in the Schreiber collection in the British Museum.

Tarocchino Milanese

Illustration 1 of Tarocchino Milanese (jpg 675 x 875)
Illustration 2 of Tarocchino Milanese (jpg 694 x 875)
Cards from an edition with French captions. The king of Batons bears the coat of arms of Geneva.

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