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Suit System:IT
Recommended Name:  the Piedmontese Della Rocca Tarot.

This pattern was originally classified as IT-1.31.
Based on the designs of IT-1.3 by Della Rocca, this pattern is distinctive from that pattern not only by the feature of double-ended court cards but by its wider Piedmontese format. It does not appear ever to have had a specific name and it is recommended that it should be called the "Piedmontese Della Rocca Tarot".


The life of this pattern has probably come to an end: it appears that it has finally been ousted by the more conventional Tarocco Piemontese (IT-1.211).

The Tarocchino Milanese (IT-1.3) was copied in Piedmont (Seravalle) in the second half of the 19th century and by the 1880s the Genoese cardmakers Fratelli Armanino had adapted the pattern, making the court cards and trumps double-ended, running the captions (in Italian) along the side of the subject, and converting the format to that of the Tarocco Piemontese. At first both arabic and roman numerals appeared on the trumps, but later the roman numerals were dropped and the unusual feature of corner indices with suitmarks was introduced.

With Genoa no longer the card-making centre that it was, it seems unlikely that this pattern will ever be revived. The probability is that it died in the 1950s.


78 cards. 4 suits of 4 double-ended court and 10 pip cards, plus 21 double-ended trumps and the Fool which, together with the court cards, are captioned in Italian. No turnover edges.


Fratelli Armanino (1880s-first half of 20th century),

Faustino Solesio (this pattern in 20th century), both of Genoa.

Piedmontese Della Rocca Tarot

Illustration 1 of Piedmontese Della Rocca Tarot (jpg 751 x 941)
Illustration 2 of Piedmontese Della Rocca Tarot (jpg 750 x 935)
Cards from a pack by Fratelli Armanino, dated 1887.

The International Playing-Card Society November, 1978

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