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Regular German packs with German suitmarks

No. Suit Recommended name Alternative name 1 Alternative name 2 Alternative name 3
52GSaxon pattern   
53GOld Bavarian pattern   
54GBavarian pattern, Type MMünich Variant  
55GBavarian pattern, Type SStralsund variant  
61GLower Saxon patternHannoverCavalier Cards 
70GRegensburg pattern   
79GBavarian Soldiers pattern   
83GFranconian pattern   
84GNürnberg Eagle pattern   
86GBavarian-Swabian pattern   
87GNürnberg pattern, Wide CardsAnsbach  
88GNürnberg pattern, Narrow cardsAnsbach  
98GWürttemberg pattern   
99GBavarian "Isarkreis" pattern   
104GSwabian pattern, Type UlmDarmstädterSüddeutsches 
105GSwabian pattern, Type DarmstadtDarmstädterSüddeutsches 
106GSwabian pattern, Type StralsundDarmstädterSüddeutsches 

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