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Tarot packs with Latin/Italian suitmarks

No. Suit Recommended name Alternative name 1 Alternative name 2 Alternative name 3
2ITTarot de Marseille  IT-1
3ITNo recommended name  IT-1.1
4ITPiemontese Tarot  IT-1.211
5ITMilanese Tarot  IT-1.3
6ITTarot de Besancon  IT-1.4
7ITSwiss TarotJJ Tarot IT-1.41
11ITBolognese Tarot  IT-2
17ITPiemontese Della Rocca Tarot  IT-1.31
19ITBelgian Tarot  IT-3
30ITEarly Piemontese Tarot  IT-1.2
31ITIntermediate Piemontese Tarot  IT-1.21

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