These guidelines for the drafting of standard playing-card pattern sheets are intended to provide a consistent framework which will become familiar to users and make the reference system agreeable to use.

(1) Text
The text should not exceed 550 words. It should follow the following sequence of information:

The text does not need to have a special layout, that will be superimposed later. It would help if you could prepare the text in some text-processing format, but any other form is also acceptable. You should contact the editor for text formats he can process.

(2) Language
The pattern sheets are published in English language, but you can submit material also as German or French text. This will be translated and then corrected by a native English speaker.

(3) Illustrations
Clear illustrations of 12 to 18 cards should be provided to allow some flexibility of layout. The preferred form are greyscale or colour scans, sent by email, floppy disk or CD, or stored on a web server for downloading. Photographs or photocopies are the other acceptable form. Only if it is quite impossible to supply illustrations should an alternative source be recommended, or actual cards supplied for scanning. Please arrange with the editor how the illustrations can best be transmitted.

(4) General approach
While the aim must be towards a definitive body of information, care should be taken to differentiate between statements of fact and opinion. Areas of uncertainty - where they exist - should be freely stated. Disagreement among experts is not unknown, and the admission of alternative views can only make the accounts more, not less, convincing overall, while at the same time maintaining a reasonable pace of progress in their publication.


The definition of a 'standard' pattern may be summarized as follows:

Normally, a design which conforms to all these criteria may be regarded as a 'standard' pattern.

The International Playing-Card Society - 01/2006

Pattern Sheet Editor: Kay Stolzenburg