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Regular regional packs with French suitmarks

No. Suit Recommended name Alternative name 1 Alternative name 2 Alternative name 3
49FFlanders patternFlemishRouen I 
58FHamburg pattern XP7F-1.51
59FNorth-German patternBerlinerXP5F-1.511
60FFrench-Swiss patternModern SwissXP11F-1.512
62FPortrait d'AllemagneLyon 1FribourgNeuchatel
63FDauphiné patternPiedmontGeneva 
76FDutch patternCartes RoyalesXP2F-1.5331
78FBelgien Bongout pattern XP17F-1.5311
81FMecklenburg pattern   
89FLatvian pattern   
100FWüst Familiy pattern, Type AWüst House  
101FWüst Family pattern, Type BWüst's BüffelkarteXP18F-1.72
102FNordic patternFinnish  
103FModern Swedish pattern   
107FVienna pattern, Type AVienna, Large Crown  
108FVienna pattern, Type DVienna, Small Crown  
109FVienna pattern, Type E   

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