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Regular non-regional packs with French suitmarks

No. Suit Recommended name Alternative name 1 Alternative name 2 Alternative name 3
48FEnglish patternAnglo-AmericanInternational 
64FNo recommended name XP6F-1.41
65FTrente et Quarante pattern   
71FNo recommended nameCartes HambourgeoisesXP1F-1.52
72FNo recommended nameCartes ItaliennesXP5F-1.53
73FNo recommended nameCartes ParisiennesXP5aF-1.532
74FDondorf Rhineland pattern XP4F-1.75
75FNo recommended name XP2F-1.533
77FNo recommended name XP5/17F-1.531
80FBelgien-Genoese pattern   

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